Were chicken
Background information
Introduced In "Cluck of the Were-Chicken"
Latest Appearance
Species were-chicken
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Were-Chicken
Other names
Gender Male
Age Occupation
A were-chicken is a cursed chicken that apeared in one episode so far Cluck of the Were-Chicken.

Personality Edit

The Were-Chicken started in the old country where a farm tormented his chickens until he got bit and turned into a Were-Chicken.  On the night of a Full Moon.  If a victim gets bitten by the Were-Chicken will become a Were-Chicken.  The only cure is some of the feathers of the original chicken feather and the feather from the victim.

Appearence Edit

A black body and white headed chicken.  Its has a yellow beak with a few teeth in it.  It has a red waddle and crown.  Yellow feet with razer sharp claws.

Trivia Edit

The Male Chickens are called Roosters and are brightly coloured than there female counter-part.  Females are known as Hens and are mostly white.

References Edit

Gallery Edit

Were chicken
The full image gallery for Were-Chicken may be viewed at Were-Chicken/Gallery.

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