Gender: Male
Species: Spider
Eye color:       Black
Production Information
First Appearance:
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Websiter is a young Spider from the series Camp Lakebottom.  He is the child of the Spider Mom, a lover of Squirt and a hater of McGee.  He only appeared in Arachnattack.

Personality Edit

Webster is a baby spider that Squirt names.  He loves Squirts but hates McGee.  He will turn anyone into a spider silk cocoon hanged up by a spider thread.  He covers the camp in Spider Web. He has two other siblings and a giant spider mom.  He was willing to help McGee to save Squirt from his mom.  Webster favorite food is the locale giant flies.  He uses along tube to suck up the fly.  He lives in a giant spider web just outside of camp.

Webster Acid Breath

Webster showing his ability to spray acid.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Like a normal spider, Webster is able to produce silk in order to tie up his enemies. He can spray green acid that can melt through wood. 

Appearance Edit

Webster is a eight legged arachnid.  He is brown and small covered in hair and has two large black eyes.  

Trivia Edit

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Gallery Edit

The full image gallery for Webster may be viewed at Webster/Gallery.

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