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Toothy is the largest fish in Lake Icky Gloomy, Toothy appears in only one episode so far-Jaws Of Old Toothy.  


Toothy is shown to be extremely vengeful. He was furious at Buttsquat for stealing one of his teeth and never stopped looking for his missing tooth.


Toothy appears as a hybrid of a whale, a catfish and a shark. It has a very large body with a gigantic mouth and sharp teeth and a disproportionately small tail and fins. He also has a fin on his back and catfish-like whiskers.

Role In The Series

Jaws of Old Toothy

Toothy made his first episode appearance in Jaws of Old Toothy, where he attempted to swipe one of his teeth back from Buttsquat after he stole the tooth years ago. It's up to McGee, Gretchen and Squirt to retrieve the tooth from Buttsquat and calm Toothy down.


  • Toothy actually first appeared in the theme song, just about to eat the campers before Slimy saves them.
  • Toothy being mad at Buttsquat for stealing his tooth is similar to Fang being mad at Scott (Total Drama)

-Both tried to get their missing tooth back -Both hate the person who has their missing tooth and try to get their revenge on their respective enemies -Both are large, mutated/abnormal sea creatures with big mouths and sharp teeth -Both seem to have shark DNA



The full image gallery for Toothy may be viewed at Toothy/Gallery.

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