Sawyer's Mom
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Background information
Introduced In "Zombie Dearest"
Latest Appearance
Species Zombie
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Sawyer's Mom
Other names
Gender Female
Age Occupation
Relatives Sawyer
Likes Brains,Sawyer
Dislikes Mcgee (kinda)
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Sawyer's Mom comes down to three words. Brain Eating Zombie. She told Sawyer that the kids do not like him and he had to eat brains. She can be overbearing like all moms, but she is still a Brain Eating Zombie.

Appearance Edit

She has blonde hair with a small tilt of white, gray skin, a nose with overly large nostrils, red lips, dark green earrings with tilts of green, a dark green necklace, a magenta dress with a bone sticking out of her shoulder.

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Gallery Edit

Thumb-06ED 52841145
The full image gallery for Sawyer's Mom may be viewed at Sawyer's Mom/Gallery.

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