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"Itchy Witchy Pizza Project" is the first part of the fifth episode of Camp Lakebottom season 2.


Gretchen, McGee and Squirt are trapped by a witch who forces campers into pizza slave labor.


The episode starts with the campers at Rosebud's Cafe. Gretchen's stomach grumbles and Sawyer offers her a bowl full of toenails. Gretchen doesn't want it. Rosebud offers the campers to have the bean burritos. The bean burritos bounce off and each of the campers try to catch them. Rosebud scolds the campers and escorts them out. Gretchen moans that she is still hungry. McGee tells her that they can order pizza. Luckily, McGee finds a pizza flyer map to lead to Itchy Witchy's Pizza restaurant. He points them to the forest. Gretchen runs in the forest and shouts "Pizza!".

At the forest, the campers are going to the pizza resturaunt while McGee leads them. Squirt and McGee hear a strange noise, revealing to be Gretchen's stomach. Squirt tells them that they can go back to camp. Gretchen angrily insists "NOT WITHOUT PIZZA!". She apologized to them for being a little hangry (hungry and angry). After McGee leads them all the way to the restaurant, they met Itchy Witchy. Itchy orders them a pizza. The campers eat the pizza and Gretchen's pepperoni falls off of her slice of pizza and the ants take it. She then notices that her slice is gone (because McGee and Squirt ate the whole pizza).