Background information
Introduced In "Escape From Camp Lakebottom"
Latest Appearance "TBA"
Species Human
Voice Melissa Altro
Age 12
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Gretchen
Other names
Gender Female
Age Occupation Camper
Allies McGee
Enemies Suzi
Likes Having fun with her friends (especially Sawyer), flowers, tiaras, Camp Lakebottom (currently), messing with Buttsquat
Dislikes Suzi's and Buttsquat's bullying, Camp Lakebottom (formerly), Camp Sunny Smiles, McGee's selfishness and bossiness, chipmunks, Buttsquat, unfriendliness

Gretchen is one of the main protagonists of Camp Lakebottom, the friend of McGee, and the self-proclaimed rival of Suzi.


Gretchen is a girl who is described as being anything but "sugary sweet", she is sardonic and indifferent about everything. Her lack of enthusiasm is made up with her sharp, critical tongue. With a black belt in karate and an intolerance toward wrong doing, Gretchen is not a girl you want to mess with. However, that doesn't mean she is completely unbeatable.

Suzi has been unlimited source of inferiority for Gretchen. Her entire life is revolved around Suzi ever since the first time they met. Suzi is better than Gretchen in terms of beauty, likability, intelligence, and every other way imaginable. Gretchen has become insecure because of this, and has constantly tried to outmatch Suzi every chance she gets. However, her rivalry with Suzi has been incredibly one-sided, and has been locked in an unwinnable battle

Underneath the tough exterior, she has a huge heart and secretly wishes she could be like any normal girl (though she would never ever reveal this). Her catchphrase is "Ya think?!" usually said to McGee when a plan has gone wrong and he points out the obvious. She is revealed to have a severe phobia of chipmunks in "Cheeks of Dread" and is allergic to lizards and dragons, shown in "How to Potty Train your Dragon".


Gretchen is a girl with her black hair in pigtails, earrings, black eyes, pale brown skin, a red shirt, lavender skirt, striped pantyhose and brown shoes.