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Season 1 Edit

Title card # Title Airdate
Escape From Camp Lakebottom
1 Escape From Camp Lakebottom July 4, 2013
McGee, Gretchen and Squirt arrive at Camp Lakebottom to find themselves held captive by a hungry zombie, a raging Sasquatch and a ruthless chef.
Rise of The Bottom Dwellers
2 Rise of the Bottom Dwellers July 4, 2013
McGee and Buttsquat compete to see whose camp is best, but a race up Mt. Fittoblow triggers a volcano that could wipe out Lakebottom.
Afternoon of the Living Gitch
3 Afternoon of the Living Gitch July 11, 2013
When Squirt's stinky underwear is washed in toxic cleanser, the gitch comes alive and leads the rest of the laundry on a campaign of terror.
Mindsuckers from the depths
4 Mindsuckers From the Depths July 11, 2013
When a huge, evil leech attaches itself to Squirt's skull, he turns into a super-genius bent on world domination.
Jaws of Old Toothy
5 Jaws of Old Toothy July 18, 2013
When Sawyer closes the beach because of a giant, raging fish, McGee vows to rid the lake of Old Toothy.
6 Arachnattack July 18, 2013
Despite Rosebud's ban on pets, Squirt brings home a baby monster spider, but it quickly webs up the camp in a cocoon of silk for a spidery meal.
Cluck of the Were-Chicken
7 Cluck of the Were-Chicken July 25, 2013
Gnome Force
8 Gnome Force July 25, 2013
Buttsquat steals one of Rosebud's garden gnomes.
Stage Fright
9 Stage Fright Aug 1, 2013
Suzi unleashes an evil curse.
10 Frankenfixer Aug 1, 2013
Cheeks of Dread
11 Cheeks of Dread Aug 15, 2013
Doo Doo Doomsday
12 Doo Doo Doomsday Aug 15, 2013
The Lakebottom Marshmallow Massacre
13 The Lakebottom Marshmallow Massacre Aug 29, 2013
28 Suzis Later
14 28 Suzis Later Aug 29, 2013

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