Gender: Male
Species: Chipmunk
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Cheeks of Dread
Last Appearance:
  Operation: McMom
Chipper is a cute little chipmunk with sick and twisted ideals. He has appeared in the episodes Cheeks of Dread and Operation: McMom. Gretchen was afraid of him.


Chipper lives on Screech Island. He has an insatiable appetite, and will hunt down and eat almost anything but he seems to prefer nuts and humans.


Chipper looks like a regular chipmunk-a small rodent with buck teeth, tan fur with brown stripes. That is, until he reveals his monstrous side. When that happens his eyes turn yellow and bloodshot, his teeth become razor-sharp and his head expands disproportionately big enough to swallow a person.  His tongue is also shown to be forked like a snake's.

Role in the series

Cheeks Of Dread

Chipper appears as the main antagonist of this episode. While McGee, Gretchen, Squirt and Sawyer were on a camping trip on Screech Island, Chipper invaded their campsite, posed as a harmless chipmunk. Sawyer, McGee and Squirt were completely taken in by the disguise. However, Gretchen, who had always been afraid of chipmunks, was constantly trying to warn the others of his evil.

In the morning, the campers' campsite was completely thrashed, along with their canoe, stranding them. Meanwhile, Buttsquat arrived on the island in his helicopter and was immeadiately attacked by Chipper. Chipper then pretended to direct the campers to a way off the island, while actually directing them to his lair.

In his lair, Chipper reveals his true colours and attempts to devour them. After a long chase, Gretchen is confronted by Chipper in Buttsquat's airborne helicopter. Gretchen feeds Chipper, thus facing her fear, and angrily throws Chipper off the helicopter.

Operation: McMom

He appears at the end of the episode, where he frightens Mom and Dad.



  • Chipper first appeared in the theme song, getting petted by McGee before trying to eat the campers.