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Jaws of Old Toothy Cluck of the Were-Chicken
Season 1, Episode 3b
Production information
Production code
Story by
Written by Dave Dias
Storyboards by Robin Budd
Directed by Phil Lafrance & Jamie Leclaire
Broadcast information
Original air date July 18, 2013 [1]
International dates
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Gretchen Transparent 3

"Arachnattack" is the sixth episode in the first season of Camp Lakebottom. It is the sixth episode overall.


Despite Rosebud's ban on pets, Squirt brings home a baby monster spider, but it quickly webs up the camp in a cocoon of silk for a spidery meal.



  • This episode reveals that McGee is afraid of spiders.
  • The episode's name is a portmanteau of the words "arachnid" and "attack."
  • The way McGee uses Webster's webs to swing around and attack Webster's mom is similar to Spider-Man.



The full image gallery for Arachnattack may be viewed at Arachnattack/Gallery.

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