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9 Story Entertainment was founded in September 2002 by Vince Commisso and Steven Jarosz. 9 Story Entertainment is one of the industry’s leading creators, producers and distributors of award-winning animated and live action content for young audiences. With an animation studio in Toronto, 9 Story has over 200 creative and production staff, and has produced children’s and family programming (eg: Camp Lakebottom), seen on most children’s channels and platforms around the world. The company’s distribution arm, 9 Story Enterprises (formerly named 9 Story Distribution), launched in September 2006, offers a catalogue which includes several brands such as Peep and the Big Wide World, Max and Ruby, Wibbly Pig, Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars, Wild Kratts, Almost Naked Animals, Scan2Go, Arthur and Johnny Test. Some of their shows include the primetime animated comedy Fugget About It and Futz!

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